Born in Russia during World war 1, Dennis Hainy was the son of a poor family, growing up in poverty and sickness. After his parents died at age 13, Hainy took care of his younger brother, Folky M, until the two of them were abducted by Timothy, who saught to create an army using children he kidnapped. After granting them both vast powers, Timothy eventually fell in love with Dennis, much to the dismay of Hendrick Maartin. Timothy constantly picks on Hainy, often causing severe harm to him for little to no reason. Hainy, still in love with Tim, puts up with it, as he does not want to anger Tim


Dennis Hainy's death sparked the Doesberg war, resulting in the loss of billions of lives. He was slain by the Anti-Tim league. Timothy could not cope without Hainy, however, taking him roughly two years to realise Hainy was truley dead and not playing a prank. After descovering this, Timothy made Hendrick Maartin eat his body in order to preserve it's natural look.