The Great War was a conflict that spanned a little over 300 years. The war took many lives but has been hailed as the event that finally sparked the cultural revitalization. If not for the war, the Doesian Empire would not have become the Doesian Republic and there would not have been the great technological advancement that turned the Republic into a mighty galactic power.

Civil UnrestEdit

Before the Great War, the Shotophians were considered seconds class citizens. They were not treated fairly by the Doesians even though they were physically very similar. It is speculated that this is do to the very different oragins of the two species. Though they both come from the same planet, the Doesians and Shotophians did not originally hale from the same parts of Palmalaus. The two races did not make contact with eachother for a very long time. At that point in their histories the Doesians were a very militaristic society well the Shotophians were very peaceful and held no standing army. The Doesians forced their will upon the Shotophians and though they allowed their own government, the Shotophians were extremely marginalized. The years following were hard on them and they began to build up an army in secret so that they could one day rise up against their overlords. It took many thousands of years but that day finally came in the 200th years of the reign of Lord Timadorious Does II

First StrikesEdit

The attacks began during the first frost when the Doesian military forts were lightly garrisoned do to leave for holiday festivities. It is said that the Doesians lost a fifth of their forces in those first few hours of fighting mostly do to the element of suprise. On the open field of combat the Doesians and Shotophians were nearly equaly matched.