Illy was a proud Shotophian warrior who fought in the Great war. She is the mother of Timadorious Does the Third, the first and last hybrid between a Doesian and a Shotophian.

The great warEdit

During the great war, Illy fought for the Shotophians as they fought to reclaim their lands from the Doesian Empire. During the Battle of the Twins, Illy faced off against Lord Timadorious Does II, besting him in combat, but allowing him to escape as he had no weapon to fight back with.

Illy also fought during the The Rift War, witnessing the final battle of the great war. In the end, the Shotphians were ralleyed up and placed in internment camps.


Illy was sent to an internment camp where she spent several years in until she managed to ralley a breakout. After her and her followers escaped into Greengale forest, Timadorious Does II followed her into the forest where they faced eachother a second time. This time however, Timadorious was jumped by two of Illy's followers, wounding him gravely. Illy took him back to her sanctum so that his death was not dishonerable.

Wedding and childEdit

After the time they spent together, Illy and Timadorious fell in love, got married in secret, and soon after, Illy gave birth to Timadorious Does the third. Eventually Illy and Timadorious II realized they could not keep up this secret life now that the heir to the throne of Does was born, thus the two lovers left eachothers company to continue living with their own people.

Later yearsEdit

Illy spent the second half of her life living a quiet life in the Greengale forest. While her people still saw her as a strong leader, they began to follow new leaders to continue their societies after their devistating defeat.

Illy would visit her son every once in a while, sneaking into Doesian public occaisions to watch him give speeches, and grow to be a strong young leader.


When the Red Sun exploaded, incinerating the planet Palmalaus, Illy and all of her people were destroyed with everything else.