Lord Timadorious Does the first

Lord Timadorious Does the first.

Lord Timadorious Does the first ruled the Doesian Empire for 2340 years.

Lord Timadorious Does is the father of Lord Timadorious Does II, and the grandfather of Timadorious Does the third.

He lead the Doesian's through what was known as The Great Exspansion . This was the time when the Doesians fully began to exploit their planet and there moons. They did this out of necessity as their planets resources were dangerously depleted. Lord Timadorious Does the First was considered a hard but fair ruler. He was strict and many thought him cruel but he did these things out of necessity. It was a difficult time for the Doesians as war and famine ravaged their once fair lands. In the end he borught his people from the edge of the abyss when his scientists finally prefected space travel, allowing the Doesians to collanize their moons and some near by planets which allowed more room for growth and for agriculture. Without his iron hard reign they would have not survived this trying time.