Lord Timadorious Does the second during the great war

Lord Timadorious Does ruled the planet of Palmalaus for over 3000 years before the world was destroyed.

Born to Lord Timadorious Does and Lady Amaladorus, Lord Timadorious Does II was to be the heir to the throne of Does.

His most striking feature were his red eyes, which caused many to falter within battle.


Lord Timadorious Does II was trained in the art of combat by his father, as well as many skilled trainers across the world. Timadorious was also taught how to ride an Esroh, which he named Fury. He soon became known as one of the most skilled fighters and riders ever to live.

The Great WarEdit

Palmalaus had only one war in history, and this began roughly 200 years after Lord Timadorious Does II was crowned king. During this war, Timadorious lead the great Doesian Empire in many battles, never backing from the front lines despite his great importance to the world.

Timadorious, along with Fury, were soon well respected and well feared by the enemy. Eventually claiming the title of Drak fo Raylas, which translates to "The Slayer of Darkness" in Shotoph.

It was during this war that Timadorious met a Shotophian named Illy during the Battle of the Twins. The two clashed on the battlefield until Illy managed to disarm Timadorious. Instead of killing an unarmed foe, Illy spared his life, telling him that they would fight on equal terms again later.

246 years later, the war was ended during the 10 year long battle known as The Rift Engagement. Lord Timadorious Does II lead the armies of the Doesian empire in a final strike against the Shotophians. Timadorious faced off against Armock, the leader of the Shotophian armies. After an immense battle, Timadorious managed to strike a killing blow, ultimatley leading to the victory of the Doesian Empire. Despite the victory at the end of the war, the Doesian Empire was ended as well, the citizens favoring a more advanced system of government.

Forbidden loveEdit

Several years later, Timadorious was inspecting several Shotophian internment camps after reports of an uprising were spreading. There he descovered the source of the uprisings. Illy had managed to free several Shotophian camps and was attempting to ralley her people to start another war against the now disbanded Doesian Empire.

Timadorious confronted her in combat once again, however this time, their duel was interupted when several Shotophian soldiers stumbled in on the battle. Senseing a threat to their leader, the two attacked Timadorious from behind, severly wounding him. Expecting to die, Timadorious blacked out.

Illy, who favored honor above ill achieved victories, took Timadorious to her private sanctum within Greengale Forest. There she nursed him back to health.

While Timadorious awoke several hours later, he was far to wounded to move and thus had to stay with illy in her chambers until he healed well enough to travel back to his home city of Does. During his stay, however, Timadorious and Illy grew closer and closer. Eventually the two leaders of opposing sides admitted their love for eachother.

For years the two had a secret affair, Timadorious would even allow Illy's people to live free within Greengale forest as long as they did not harm any citizens. Eventually Timadorious and Illy had a private wedding ceremony to celebrate their love.

Timadorious Does IIIEdit

Eventually, Illy became pregnant and Timadorious Does the third was born.

Being half Shotophian, Timadorious Does III would be considered the enemy to both sides, and if the truth behind Timadorious and Illy being wed was descovered, they both would be considered treasonous for their love. Deciding instead to part for the good of their people and their young son, the two left eachother's side.

Timadorious revealed his son to the public several weeks later, letting everyone know that his mother no longer lived and that they got married in secret to prevent her from having to deal with the publicity. While some conspiracy theorists spun wild tales of treason and adultry, the majority of the world's population accepted this and moved on.

The final daysEdit

Hundreds of years later, Timadorious Does III was now an adult. During the planet's imminent destruction at the hands of The Devourer, Timadorious and his son were given the two most sturdy escape pods. However seeing his son's love for his wife Emiladormus, Timadorious gave up his own escape pod for his daughter in law. His final words to his son were "Live on our legacy."

With the sun consumed, the planet, as well as all who still remained, were devoured.