Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is the younger brother of Chodey Dootch

Early LifeEdit

Lucky Luke was born to Bernie and Dirty Steve. He lived a privaliged lifestyle of beating his big brother. His parents treated Luke much better than Chode, causing Luke to gain an I am better than you attitude.

Learning after Dirty Steve, Lucky Luke learned the best fighting techniques to beat the holy gunk out of Chode.

Eventually Chode got fed up with Lucky Luke and fought back. It was a glorious fight, despite the fact that Chode lost, he was still grounded while Luke got off scott free.


Lucky luke beating Chode's behind

The time machineEdit

One night of intense partying, Lucky Luke spilled a glass of beer on the hot tub in their back yard. This caused a malfunction to occur, sending Luke back in time.

Luke eventually met with Bernie, falling in love, the two got married and had three children. On the third child, however, Luke realized that that third child was in fact himself.

Panicking, Luke divorced and fled the country. Bernie later met Dirty Steve, who became young Luke's stepfather.