Coruscant at night

Palmalaus at night

Palmalaus was a shining planet completely sustained by the colonies without.

It was ruled by the family line of Does and was completely covered by the metropolitan sprawl.

There were two intelligant races that lived upon this planet. One being the Doesians, and one being the Shotophians.

There was one conflict on this planet, that being the Great war.

It history stretches back millions of years. It had been the center of the Doesean Empire for the past million years. It was at the heart of galactic wide kingdom.

At was at it's technological peak. People from this place lived for however long they wished. When they were ready the simply allowed their bodies to die. It was the defenition of a utopian society.

Eventually, the Red Sun was consumed by The Devourer, causing life on the planet to become almost impossible. The Devourerer then consumed what was left of the planet. Only two Doesian's escaped it's destruction, that being, Taranlolius Perioulus Does and Tim Vandoesberg.