Timadorious Does III, the most powerful phyonic user.


The planet Palmalaus had many strange gasses seeping from the planet's core. These gasses affected the races living upon it, the Shotophian race and the Doesians.

These gasses granted these races vast powers, such as being able to live eternally, untill finally choosing when to die, as well as lesser telepathy and the lack of need for food, drink or sleep.

A rarity in most cases, some beings are granted untold powers from these gasses, involving teleportation and several other amazing abilities unheard of in most cases.

The Does family line was considered the most powerful Doesian blood line. However, the Shoptophian race was always considered more phsyonicly inclined than the Doesian race.

When Lord Timadorious Does II and Illy came together and concieved, their child, Timadorious III was granted the phsyonic powers of both races and blood lines, giving him powers unseen before in the universe. Later, after going insane, Timadorious III came to a small world that's atmosphere was alight in gasses. While these gasses mutated him, they also granted him even more powers, as well as increasing his already unconcievable abilities.