The Devourer consuming the once fair planet of Palmlaus

The Devourer is an unfathonable being of pure chaos, said to have existed before reality itself. It is often described as a giant worm-like entity with a mouth the size of a solar system.

The being feasts on energy given off by certain atmospheres, intelligent populations on planets, and stars.

Drawn to the Red Sun, near the planet Palmalaus, the Devourer began feasting on the untold number of energy deposits in the region, eventually feasting on the planet, as the races living on it's surface, Shotophians and Doesians, had a great deal of energy within them, granting them supernatural abilities.

After scouring the universe, the Devourerer had never found such a large supply of energy, and so began to hunt down the last, and most powerful, living Doesian that escaped the planet's destruction, Timothy Vandoesberg.

Using it's vast power, the being created the form of a young boy named Hendrick Maarten and gained favour with the insane Timothy. Hendrick Maarten became Timothy's best friend and lover for hundreds of years.