A Doesian armada sent to collanize space

The Great Exspansion was a turning point in the history of the Doesian people. It was a time of great hardship and great Triumph. As the population of Palmalaus increased, food and water became scarce. The only reason open war did not break out was directly do to the work of Lord Timadorious Does and his resolve. Without his leadership Palmalaus would have become a battlefield. It was not until some groups turned to cannabilism that Timadorious became truly concrened. He had all the smartest people on Palmalaus working on a viable course of action. He even conscripted the help of the Shotophs which was very taboo at the time before xeno tolerance had become the norm. With much toil and hardship the think tanks decided on one solution, mass colinization. They spent years working on space craft that would allow large groups of people to be transported to the near by habitable moons and planets. Before this time the only spacecraft that the Doesian Empire had at hand were small craft capable of only carrying a few people. Once the craft were completed, millions of Doesians left in droves to these new colanies. This took the strain off and allowed to Palmalaus to grow into the sprawling metropolis it was during the later reign of Lord Timadorious Does II. Although it was not until the the reign of Lord Timadorious Does II that most other technological advancements came into being.