Tim, age ??, 2008

Birth and lifeEdit

In a far off universe, trillions of centuries ago, was a planet known as Palmalaus . The world consisted of a largley utopian society, ruled by a single family. The rank of High King was passed down from generation to generation. Born to Lord Timadorious Does II, Timadorious Does the third was to be high king when his father passed. His mother, unknown to almost everyone, was Illy, making Tim a hybrid of two intelligant races. A Doesian , and a Shotophian, thus giving him almost undreamt of Phsyonic potential.

Timadorious lead a privelged lifestlye within the city of Does.

Timadorious's uncle, Taranlolius Perioulus Does, had a strange attraction to Timadorious, and one night, in the Royals halls, he attacked his nefew and molested him mercilessly, commiting acts most nasty. Timadorious never truley recovered and was forever scarred from that night on.

Eventually he met his wife, Emiladormus. She helped him through his scarred emotional trouble, and it was truley love at first sight. In a planet wide Royal wedding ceramony, Timadorious and Emiladormus were married to the setting red sun of the world.

Tim early

Tim age 45 on Palmalaus

The New BegginingEdit

It was several years later when the being known as The Devourer came and devoured the Red sun. To sate it's hunger, The Devourer began to consume the rest of the nearby planets as well, feeding off the inbred energy of the Shotophian and Doesian races. The planet Palmalaus was soon to be consumed as well.

As the population began to flee on escape pods, Lord Timadorious Does II gave his last two specially equipped escape pods to his son and his son's bride, telling them to "Live on our legacy."

As Timadorious entered his escape pod, he looked back in time to see Taranlolious throwing Emiladormus from her escape pod and entering it himself. Timadorious cried in agony as his pod tore through the sky.

Only two escape pods made it from the Devourer. These were the pods consisting of Timadorious and Taranlolious.

Timadorious' escape pod drifted aimlessly in space for millions of years. Leaving him with plenty of time to think. He thought of his failings to his wife, his father and his people. But most of all he thought about his treacherous snake of an Uncle. He thougt of all the atrocities his uncle had comitted against him. After a time his mind began to split. His own personality could not handle the loss of his wife, his father, and his world any longer.

Eventually he began to mutter to himself, reliving the terrible acts commited to him by his uncle over and over again. Eventually part of him acting as a sick twisted being, while the other half acting as a voice of reason. Eventually the sick and twisted part of himself dominated his mind and Timadorious went insane.

As he languished in his escape pod for the next 600 centuries, Timadorious spent half that time simply repeating his name. He found it tasting foul, and so within his shattered mind he simply called himself "Tim". Druing this time, Tim's voice began to change as well, becoming a high pitched mockery of his previous voice.

The Journey continuesEdit

Tim eventually made it to a small planet devoid of life. There he crashed upon it and began to wander. During this time, the planet's lack of atmosphere began to warp and mutate his handsome features, causing him to lose much of his hair and affecting his chin, causing it to grow very large in an almost comical fashion. Tim did not worry about such changes, but continued on his way. After several hundred years of wandering the small planet, Tim grew bored and began to focus his great phsyonic powers upon the area around him, transporting himself to a far off demension.

This demension was simply void, and Tim sat here for an untold ammount of time. During his stay here, he fell further and further to madness. Eventually he decided to travel again, summoning his powers, he aimed for a more spiritual destination.

The God YearsEdit

Eventually Tim found his way to the Pearly Gates. Despite the beauty of the land, Tim had no idea where he was, so he decided to move in. It was in here where he met a being who's power and majesty was far greater than any other. God had noticed him arrive and had come out to meet this curious visitor.


God creates man.

Tim moved into Heaven, and began exploring, causing an untold ammount of mishaps before God got tired of Tim ruining his work and asked him to leave. This infuriated Tim, who threw a tantrum of childish proportions and stormed off. Feeling sorry for Tim, God decided to show him His newest creation. Tim watched as God created the unniverse that would house Earth. Interested by the small planet, Tim decided to go down to the earth and see what he could do for fun. God let him go, as Tim was very annoying in his shattered mental state.

The Fall of ManEdit

Arriving down to earth in a massive fiery ball, Tim created a whole in the earth's crust, fracturing it's one continent. This created the continets as they look today. Dazed, Tim found himself wandering through a garden. There he spyed a women. He had remembered God telling him not to eat from the Tree in the center of the garden so, becuase of his hatred towards women, Timothy told her of a very magical fruit. The woman, Eve, ate the fruit and man fell into sin. God was very upset with Timothy and yelled at him. This caused TIm to cry and made God feel bad so he let Tim be. A questionable decision. Tim proceeded to cause terrible suffering over the next few thousand years.

Bible YearsEdit

Tim spent much of his first years on Earth in what is now the Middle East and Africa. He established the twin cities of Sodom and Gamorrah and many other such places. He considered all of his evil deads to be simple shinanagons.